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The Power of Resistance -- Creating Coil
by Jerry King, PGA
Head Teaching Professional
Kapalua Golf Academy

In witnessing many different approaches to swinging the golf club, one of the most common causes for lack of power and consistency is the inappropriate sequence and timing of the lower body to the upper body (hips to shoulders). Creating coil is an integral component in producing consistency and power. In building a powerful, repetitive motion we must first understand the concept of coil: resisting the rotation of the hips to the full turn of the shoulders in a reverse weight transfer, or an early release of the clubhead (casting).

During your next session at the practice facility, make some swings turning your shoulder behind the ball while resisting the rotation of the hips in the takeaway. You will begin to feel coil in the swing leading to the experience of getting 'more from less' in your golf shots.

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