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Fitting Clubs
with Ben Hongo, PGA
Senior Teaching Professional
Kapalua Golf Academy

Do your clubs fit you? Most players assume all clubs off the rack will fit their swing. This assumption can have negative effects on a player's ball flight. The player who is serious about his game should see if the clubs fit his body and swing. A club fitter will look at the following categories when fitting a golfer to the correct set of clubs:

Lie Angle

The lie angle determines how the sole of the club strikes the ground at impact. If more of the toe strikes the ground, the club is too flat for the swing. If more of the heel strikes the ground, the club is too upright. The ball will be launched to the right if the club is too flat and to the left if the club is too upright.

Shaft Flex
This is determined by how fast the golfer swings the club. Swing speeds that are too fast require a stiffer shaft but the slower the swing the more flex is needed. Generally, the ball will hook if the shaft is too flexible and slice if the shaft is too stiff.

Shaft Length
The length of shaft is not always determined by the height of the golfer. A consistent ball striker looking for more distance might want a longer shaft, but an inconsistent striker may be further hampered with a longer shaft.

Grip Size
Hand size and comfort will influence grip size, but it can also affect ball flight. Players who are looking to reduce hooks may want to try a larger size and players looking to reduce slices may want to try a smaller size.

There are further factors but the list above covers the key items in fitting clubs. Talk to your local PGA Professional for further advice next time you are ready to purchase clubs.

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