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Uphill Lies
Part 1 of 4-Part Uneven Lies Series
by Gregory Fields, PGA
Senior Teaching Professional
Kapalua Golf Academy

"It's all in the set-up...almost."
Remember the set-up is key for any uneven lie. Your stance will feel differently than with a flat lie therefore you MUST adjust your set-up. By adjusting, you will have a better chance to hit the green and make that birdie. A smooth swing with a "gentle transition" from the top will take the fear out of these challenging shots.
Remember these points for an Uphill Lie

  • Play the ball slightly back in stance.
  • Take a less lofted club (i.e. 6 or a 7 instead of an 8 iron), for the slope will naturally raise the trajectory (loft) of the shot.
  • Slightly grip down on the club to shorten the lever and gain more control.
  • Align shoulders to the slope of the hill.
  • Draw the left foot back to level the hips. This will promote rotation and enhance balance throughout the motion.
  • Make a conscience effort to transfer the weight to the left side through impact to compensate for the slope and gravity.
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