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Reading Bermuda Greens
by Jerry King, PGA
Head Teaching Professional
Kapalua Golf Academy

The greens found throughout Hawaii (or Maui) are characteristically different from the typical Bent Grass and Bermuda greens found on the mainland on account of the pronounced grain. The grain of the grass is the direction the blades are growing due to a few factors: direction of the setting sun, prevailing trade winds, and drainage of water on the greens. Aside from these three identifiers, you can find the direction of the grain by locating the brown, sunburned side of the hole (due to the exposed roots) and know the grass is growing in that direction. Putts down-grain will travel at a much faster pace than putts into the grain, and breaking putts will either be magnified or reduced by the affecting grain. Applying this understanding will allow you to visualize the speed and direction of your putts more precisely, ultimately leading to lower scores.

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