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Train It & Trust It
by Jerry King, PGA
Head Teaching Professional
Kapalua Golf Academy

When working on your technique at the practice facility, it is important to focus on fundamentals as well as specific goals towards enhancing the efficiency of your full swing and short game. This training personality can be called your "trainer" or "scientist." However, when making the transition from practice to playing, it is imperative to have your "truster" or "athlete" address and strike the ball. This will assist in 'quieting' your mind, thus optimizing your athletic ability in getting the ball to the target (or in the hole).

The best way I have found to illustrate "realistic developmental progress" is with a percentage improvement towards a particular goal. For example: following a lesson or practice session, a golfer playing on the course (trusting his or her athlete) might be 5% closer to the 100% goal of improvement. Therefore, it will only take 20 more times training and trusting to develop the 100% improvement. Another golfer may be a 2% learner, taking 50 times of training and trusting to reach the ultimate goal. Every once in a while I am fortunate enough to work with a gifted player that can improve at a rate of 25% improvement each time this golfer would only require 4 training sessions to accomplish the enhancement!

Remember that there is a time for training and a time for trusting. Let your "scientist" assist the athlete in making solid decisions on the golf course, yet allow the athlete to address the ball each and every time. If we allow the "scientist" to address the ball and play the shot, the focus will be on the process instead of the ultimate goal of trajectory and target. The athlete is confident, visual, and target oriented with consistent tempo and balance. Train it & trust it and you will be on your way to a more competitive and enjoyable game of golf!

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