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Uneven lies - Ball below feet
by Gregory Fields, PGA
Senior Teaching Professional
Kapalua Golf Academy

"It's all about the set up ... almost"

How successfully you play this shot is based on set up and balance. On any uneven lie gravity is trying to throw you off balance. Because of this precarious feeling I recommend you select one more club than you would use off a flat lie. This will allow you to swing in balance and the longer club will discourage hitting the ball thin.

The set up.

Try placing the ball slightly more forward than a typical shot. Grip at the end of the handle to make the club as long as possible. Since this shot usually flies to the right, aim more to the left. Sit back into the hill with the weight favoring the middle of the feet to slightly on the heels.

The swing.

Always take a practice swing on an uneven lie to determine your balance and where the club is making contact with the ground. Retain constant knee flex throughout the shot to maintain control and balance. Some players will hit this shot to the left due to swinging too hard and flipping their hands through impact. Take one more club and swing smooth.

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