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Retaining Your Spine Angle
by Jerry King, PGA
Head Teaching Professional
Kapalua Golf Academy

When you look at that PGA Tour golf swing and the athletic posture appears to stay the same from setup through impact, the player is "retaining his spine angle." This dynamic motion makes room for the arms, hands and clubhead to freely accelerate and release through impact, thus creating optimum clubhead speed.

Here is a great drill to achieve this feeling: without a club, place your rear on a wall and simulate a balanced address position with your hands in clapping position. Let your right arm and hand swing and fold about halfway back, then clap your left hand while stopping at impact. At the start of the downswing, begin clearing your hips through impact keeping your rear brushing the wall. Keeping your eyes focused on a spot on the ground, you should finish with your hands together at impact and your belt buckle to the target. You will notice the left hip finishes touching the wall. Repeat this several times when practicing -- before, during, and after hitting balls.

This will enhance your power as well as consistency at impact. This simple drill also allows you to begin feeling how the leg and torso muscles are being utilized in the golf swing: abs, lats, oblique, glutes, etc. Train this drill at home, and let your athlete trust it out on the golf course!

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