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The Importance of the Finish
by Ed Harris, PGA
Senior Teaching Professional
Kapalua Golf Academy

Students often ask why it's so important to finish the golf swing, after all, by the time you get to the finish, the ball has long since left the face of the club. Logic would seem to dictate that the ball is gone so the finish could not affect the shot.

Although it is not readily obvious, the finish has a huge affect on the success of the shot. The following are just a few reasons why you should finish every swing.

The finish emphasized the importance of dynamic balance. All good golf swings start and finish in balance. This is one fundamental that all great golf swings share.

The finish completes the swing cycle. The true definition of a successful golf swing depends on its ability to repeat itself. In order for it to be repetitive it must have a definite start and a definite finish.

The finish gives the player immediate feedback as to the execution of the swing. If you are having trouble getting into the finish position, chances are something is breaking down during the swing that is preventing you from finishing.

The next time you head to the links or the practice tee, make sure you finish every swing in a complete and balanced position. When you reach the finish position your chest, belt buckle and the shoe laces of your back foot all face the target and 100% of your weight should be on the outside of your front foot. Make a good finish a priority in your practice and you'll see your shot improving.

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