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Effortless Power in Chipping
by Jerry King, PGA
Head Teaching Professional
Kapalua Golf Academy

The most important element of the chip shot, like all other motions, is the setup. The setup should determine the trajectory and power of the shot, in contrast to forcing it by "hitting" the ball. The goal of the chip is to produce a low, penetrating trajectory by placing the ball back in the stance (inside the right toe for a right hander), and pointing the grip end of the club to the left hip. In maintaining a clubface square to the target, this will place the hands slightly forward and deloft the clubface. With a narrow and slightly open stance, focus the majority of your weight on the left side (70% left, 30% right) in an effort to produce a descending blow. Allowing the setup to control the power of the chip shot will not only produce a more consistent motion, but will create the experience of "effortless power," in contrast to "powerless effort." Since the chip shot is 'minimum air time' and 'maximum roll time,' the sand wedge to the five iron can be used in attempting to land the ball approximately one or two steps on the green, and rolling it to the hole like a putt. Remember, the angle of the right forearm and shaft established at address should be maintained through impact and into the finish position. Following these guidelines will create a more trusting motion, leading to lower scores and less frustration around the greens. Remember, always practice with a purpose and a goal.

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