LifeFest Kapalua
September 23-25, 2005

For More Information:
(866) 669-2440 or (808) 669-2440

Updates on events, specials, and packages.

Ala Carte Tickets  
Keynote Speakers Cost: $40.00
Workshops/Lectures Cost: $25.00
Hawaiian Sweat Cost: $50.00
Plantation Pau Hana Party Cost: $75.00
Kahakuloa Cultural Experience Cost: $100.00
Pu'u Kukui Nature Walk Cost: $1,200.00
Body Composition Analysis Cost: $35.00
Sandra Be-Taylor Individual Workshops Cost: $100.00
Self-Discovery Package
Choice of 3 Workshops/Lectures
and 1 Keynote Speaker
Cost: $80.00
Life-Journey Package
Choice of 5 Workshops/Lectures
and 2 Keynote Speakers
Cost: $145.00
3-Day Power Pass
Includes Workshops, Lectures, Keynote Speakers, Hawaiian Sweat, and Plantation Pau Hana Party

Not Included in Power Pass:
  • Kahakuloa Cultural Experience
  • Pu'u Kukui Nature Walk
  • Total Transformation® Weekend Living Intensive with Kat James
  • Sandra Be-Taylor Individual Workshops
  • Wellness Room Treatments
  • Body Composition Analysis

Cost: $295.00

Wellness Room Treatments

Cost: 15 minutes for $15.00

Jamba Juice Paddlers Ocean Challenge Cost: $150.00 per 6 person canoe
Spectators Free
  • E Ala E
  • Peter Burwash Tennis Workshop
  • Health Expo
  • Kick and Sculpt
  • Tsunami Tennis
  • Qigong
3-Day "Total Transformation® Weekend Living Intensive"
Hosted by Kat James
Without Accomodations: $2,100.00
Shared 2 bedroom Villa (shared bed/bath): $2,500.00
Shared 2 bedroom Villa (own bed/bath): $3,000.00

For information and reservations, contact LifeFest Kapalua at (866) 669-2440, (808) 669-2440
or e-mail or via fax at (808) 669-2063.

LifeFest Kapalua is intended as an educational forum. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice and/or care. The views, opinions, practices and philosophies are solely those of the individual presenters, vendors, exhibitors and speakers. LifeFest Kapalua, Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Kapalua Land Company, Ltd. and Maui Pineapple Company, Ltd., their respective employees, representatives, agents, and sponsors, together with the County of Maui, neither endorse nor advocate the use of any modalities and/or practices put forth during LifeFest Kapalua by any of the presenters, vendors, exhibitors and speakers.

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