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25th Annual Kapalua Wine & Food Festival
"Silver Salute"
Celebrating 25 years of fine wine & food


July 6-9, 2006

"You have truly created a well oiled machine that was humming to perfection. The events were so well
prepared and executed. It was a privilege to participate.
I heard nothing but raves from the guests!"

- Michael Jordan, CWE
Napa Rose GM/Sommelier, Disneyland Resort, CA

"What a great setting, event and vibe!" As I told anyone who would listen, I was at South Beach and Aspen
this year and Kapalua was the best organized, had the best wines and the coolest patrons.
Kapalua is the best place on earth."

- Robert Bigelow, Master Sommelier
Bellagio Resort, Las Vegas, NV

"Kapalua is so beautiful and goes over the top to make their guests feel special. I truly felt special and
wanted to share that with all the guests through my passion. The details were expertly precisioned.
I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this highly executed event."

- John Blazon, Master Sommelier
Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

"We enjoyed oursleves a great deal and felt it was an exemplary event all around."

-Gilian Handleman
Wine and Spirits Magazine

"We really enjoyed our stay in Kapalua and thought the Festival was terrific...one of the most organized
we have attended."

-Patrick Will, Vice President
Ex Cellars Wine Agencies, Inc.

"Everything was beyond our expectations!"

-Jeff and Sonja Enfinger
4-Day Participants, Huntsville, AL

"What an amazing event it was...I am so impressed with the arc and scope of wine and food provided for the guests.
I believe that this is and should continue to be the best festival of its kind in North America. Bravo!"

-Shayn Bjornholm, Master Sommelier
Canlis Restaurant, WA

"I would like to express my gratitude to all those invloved in the 2006 Kapalua Wine & Food Festival. Their dedication and enthusiastic support made it a great success, a warm mahalo to you all."

-Guy Buffet, Artist
Maui, HI

This festival is so exciting and successful. There is no comparison to what was and what is today.
I think this year will be the best - Italy Meets Hawaii - Now you are on a roll!

- Gerry Nicola, 4-day attendee

Wow! The Kapalua Wine & Food Festival was outstanding. I thought I could cite the events that I particularly enjoyed.
Can't do it. I loved everything. It was a glorious four days.

- Robert Smith, writer
Hawaii Magazine

             The seminars and events were well organized and quite enjoyable.
- Michael Scholz, winemaker
Wattle Creek Winery

Cannot begin to tell you how much I loved the festival. Currently ranked number 3 behind Napa and
Aspen as an all time great experience.

-Jayne Russell, Freelancer writer
(Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and author food & wine books)

I am very proud of the great successes you have had in opening the Festival up to a larger audience. I loved seeing all those seats filled and the tastings packed with people. I loved being a part of it.

-Larry Stone, Master Sommelier
Rubicon, San Francisco

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