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Spa Specials

Teen Fitness Certification

This session gives a general introduction to the “do’s and don’ts of fitness and weight training, emphasizing safety, proper technique, weight selection and frequency, and gym etiquette.

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes are Now Open to the Public!

Visitors and Guests - $28 per Class
Purchase Five (5) Classes for $50 ($20 Savings)
Yoga · Yogalates · Tone & Trim · Stretch & Release · and More!

Golf Fitness at Kapalua Spa

Your golf swing requires you to draw the club through a large range of motion and each joint involved must have the ability to perform the actions of the golf swing correctly. Knock 4-5 strokes off your golf flexibility program.

For more information, please call the Kapalua Spa at 808-665-8282.