Opt-in Manager is a database administration and marketing tool that allows its clients to not only manage their database systems with little or no knowledge of databases, but also can be used as a complete segmentation marketing tool, allowing exact targeting of clients. Databases built using the opt-in-manager system are customized databases that are exportable, expandable and usable by a variety of different applications, maximizing marketing opportunities.

With the opt-in-manager system you can easily create your own online forms to gather information from clients. You can change your form questions at any time, and send personalized email messages to thousands of prospective clients with only a few clicks of a mouse. Opt-in-manager system allows you to build campaigns, save money on advertising costs, analyze results with accurate real-time reporting graphs, and export selected data for use by your own personal business applications.

Opt-in-manager system is extremely flexible. It can be set up to work with pre-existing web-application database tables, to perform segmentation marketing using data gathered by your existing applications. Opt-in-manager system can also change with the focus of your promotional campaigns, allowing existing form fields to be either hidden or shown, old fields to be deleted, and new fields to be added at any time.