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Mercedes Championships Quick Notes
January 7, 2000

Plantation Course (Par 73), Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii - Friday - Second Round Leader - Tiger Woods (Nine-Under Par)

Note: Tiger Woods' tee shot on hole 12 (373-yard Par 4) reached the green thanks to a strong tail wind. His ball appeared to graze the foot of Jim Furyk, who was preparing to putt.

Ernie Els (Five-Under Par): "It was a good finish for me. If I didn't make the double, I could have been more in the ballpark. I mean, playing with Tiger, especially on this golf course, to see him play on this golf course, I mean, it's awesome. He drove it on two greens today (laughter). You know, he was never in trouble."

Jim Furyk (One-Under Par): (On being grazed on the foot by Tiger Woods' ball on the number-12 green) - "(If he had yelled Fore) I don't think I'd have heard him, being about 500 yards away (laughter). I don't have a problem with it in these conditions. Tiger came over to me and said the marshal had cleared him to hit. I was lining up my putt, and I backed off because the fans were yelling. They were trying to tell me to watch out. But I didn't understand what they were trying to tell me. I've seen Davis Love reach this green in the past when we've played out here, so it can be done. Unfortunately, I just don't have that in my game."

Jeff Sluman (One-Under Par): "I've shot 72 both days, so it's hard to say which day was better. The weather was really the same both days. You're always trying to work the ball one way or another. It really makes you think out there. It's long and hilly, and you always need a flat lie."

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