We hope you will join the 2006 Marshal Team as we intend to put together a team that will continue to be one of the best on the PGA TOUR. All of you who worked in the 2005 Mercedes Championships met the challenge and did an excellent job. We look forward to continuing that tradition.

In addition to normal Marshal assignments, we will need a limited number of Marshals whose primary assignment will be to assist in crowd control for professional twosomes between greens and the next tee stand. At least two marshals will be assigned to each green and one marshal to the tee box. The Green Captain will assist the Shot Link statistical reporters as necessary. Tee marshals will be the only ones using a paddle, for signaling the direction of the golfer’s shots. Guidelines will be provided for all of the assigned responsibilities. The Shot-Link reporting activity has been expanded to all 18 holes. Laser operators will attend a formal training session conducted by the PGA TOUR and will receive hands-on training during the Wednesday Pro-Am.

Monday and Tuesday are practice rounds for the professional golfers; volunteers are primarily needed for spectator control. Wednesday is the Pro-Am with morning and afternoon starts. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the tournament days and will have only one on-course duty period.
The selection criteria for marshal assignment will be made in the following sequence:
  1. Volunteers willing to be flexible in assignment and able to work five or more days
  2. Volunteers willing to work Thursday through Sunday will be normally assigned to gallery control functions
  3. Volunteers willing to work three days or more in Spectator Control and other gallery control assignments
  4. Available for fill-in assignments (must work a minimum of three days)

The secondary priority system applied to the above will be:
a. Marshals who have worked the Mercedes Championships in previous years
b. New marshals with experience in other professional tournaments
c. New volunteers

You will be notified by mail in early November as to your assignment, shirt pick-up location and times, and all any other pertinent information.


Please provide the following information:

Mail my assignment to:

IMPORTANT: Assignments other than Spectator Control will be made based upon your willingness to work at least one duty period in the Pro-Am in addition to the 4 days of the Tournament. Within this guideline, preference will be given to past experience in the desired activity or location. There will be a limited number of Fairway positions since the ShotLink program will assume this activity during the morning shift of the Pro-Am and during the pro only event.

Position Desired:

On-Course Marshal:

Shot Link Operator – Assignments will be on the Fairway and the Green using a measuring device to locate the golfer’s ball. Participation in a formal training session at Kapalua will be required a week before the tournament. Green operator requires good eyesight and agility.

Spectator Control – Assignments will be based upon need around the first tee area, practice range, tunnel traffic control, spectator crosswalks and alcoholic beverage control. Generally, there will be two duty periods per day, Monday through Sunday. The minimum work requirement is three duty periods.

I would like to volunteer on the following days (Please check all that apply):
  Mon. Jan. 2 Tues. Jan. 3 Wed. Jan. 4 Thurs Jan. 5 Fri. Jan. 6 Sat. Jan. 7 Sun. Jan. 8
1st duty period 7:00am – 1:00pm
2nd duty period 1:00pm – 5:30pm
Practice Rounds – During Monday and Tuesday practice rounds, marshals are needed on Tees and Greens to assist in spectator control. If you volunteer to work those days, you will be asked to work a morning and afternoon shifts on both Monday and Tuesday as well as one shift on Wednesday to complete the minimum three day duty work requirement.

I would like to volunteer on the following days (Please check all that apply): Mon.
  Jan. 3 Tues. Jan. 4 Wed. Jan. 5
1st duty period 7:00am – 1:00pm
2nd duty period 1:00pm - 5:30pm

I will carpool with :