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Natural Beauty

Centuries ago, the early Hawaiians settled in this area and began growing taro, their staple crop. They gathered harvests of fish, never taking more than they needed, and always giving thanks. In this area rich in blessings, much of the land was sacred. There were temples of medicine and astronomy. Poets and bards dwelled here. The highest chiefs and their families gathered for sports and games. Ruins of the ancient temples, fishing shrines and agricultural terraces can still be seen along the streams and shores.

The ancient Hawaiians had great respect for the land they lived on. It provided everything they needed for building homes, canoes, tools, medicine, food, clothing and other essentials. In their chants and hula, they gave thanks for the abundance with which the land provided for them.

From the earliest phases of development, this reverence for the land has guided every facet of the resort's growth, which has been centered on the ancient Hawaiian principle, malama ka'aina, care of the land. The importance of preserving Hawaiian culture and enabling guests to experience its richness through different activities has been part of the resort's philosophy from the bginning. During the planning and grading stages for the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, an ancient burial site was discovered, dating as far back as 610 AD. To preserve this sacred area, the entire hotel was redesigned and relocated by the resort developers. Today, the Honokahua burial ground is the most important historic sight at Kapalua, where it is believed that ancestral spirits watch lovingly over its lands and its people.

Cultural Activities

In ancient times the chiefs and their families considered this place their special retreat. Today the past and its stories are part of the climate of cultural enrichment that our treasured guests discover at Kapalua. We are here to ensure that future generations will be able to experience the cultural heritage of the island through the many cultural activities that are such a unique part of the Kapalua experience.