LifeFest Kapalua
September 23-25, 2005

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Hawaiian Sweat Build

Maka’ala Yates

Building the “House of Purification”
The first people that sign up for the sweat will be selected to participate in the construction of the Hale Pulo’ulo’u on Friday, and they will also be the first to actually go into the sweat on Saturday. Each person will learn how to tie the “Hale”, and the history and significance of this Ancient Hawaiian ceremony for its villagers. Metaphors will be observed during the construction and what it means in one’s life. Also, each person will learn some of the protocols in the construction process including the Hawaiian healing chants.

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Hawaiian Sweat Pulo’ulo’u

Maka’ala Yates

The purification [sweat] house has been a part of many cultures especially with the indigenous people. This is a ritual of “healing & renewal” as well as prayer. You are invited into this transformational house, Hale, and those who participate in the “sweat” or purification, Pulo’ulo’u, will experience a personal and cultural re-birth. The moist, natural, and extreme heat provides an opportunity for the release of toxins and bodily impurities. The hot ordeal challenges our control and resistance and allows the chance for emotional release, mental clarity, and physical healing. In the Hawaiian hale, one is entering a house of alignment andhealing. Assisted by the hale-keeper, water pourer, or navigator, kau wai or ho’okele, those who request a ‘sweat’ are purified with ceremonial steam, herbs, and invocations for protection, healing, blessing, and alignment. The sweat hale is a good way to prepare for a quest, to end a quest, or dust off that which does not serve one, on a journey of intensive growth, and greater awareness.

History of the Hawaiian Sweat Pulo’ulo’u

Maka’ala Yates

The purification [sweat] house has been a part of many cultures, especially with the indigenous people. Every community that has realized the health benefits of steam has held the intention of this ritual as a method of healing, renewal, and prayer.

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E ala E

Clifford Nae’ole
Kahu Lyons Na’one

Join our cultural guides in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony at ocean’s edge to celebrate the beginning of a new day. Wear a swimsuit, bring a towel. All welcome.


A Hawaiian Sense of Place

Establishing a Cultural Framework for Health and Wellness

Kumu Ramsay Taum

This revealing presentation and discussion will explore some of the foundational cultural values, philosophies and beliefs of Hawaii 's host culture; and their relationship to contemporary health, wellness, views and practices. 


Kahu Lyons Na'one and Ramsay Taum

Ho’oponopono: The Practice of Bringing about Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Balance, Peace and Harmony. Join Kahu Lyons Naone and Kumu Ramsay Taum in a discussion about Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian practice and process of mediation, conflict resolution and “healing”. Kahu Naone and Kumu Taum will explore and share their mana’o (thoughts) and ike (knowledge) of this powerful healing practice. They will also discuss the appropriate and inappropriate applications and uses of Ho’oponopono to bring about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing for individuals, families and communities.


Hawaiian Mediation Techniques

Maka’ala Yates
Hawaiian Meditation Ho’okuano’o
the three meditation techniques that will be offered are:
Kukulu ‘ o ke ao: “The Pillar of Light.” This technique will bring harmony into a disharmonic environment. It will help the practitioner to better discern information, and bring healing into one’s life, and into the life of others.
Ha ‘Ehiku: “The Seven Breaths of Life.” This technique works with the breath to enable healing.
Ha Mo’o “The Spinal Breath” Ha Moo is probably one of the oldest forms of meditation techniques known to the ancient peoples of Hawaii; that was able to pass through the years of conditioning without being diluted, or manipulated. It is a technique used to help tune one’s consciousness with the divine consciousness, thus enabling each person to rediscover their soul qualities of peace, harmony, and enduring happiness.


Innovative Trends in Health, Nutrition, & Fitness

The Instant Gourmet

Madana Peatross

You will no longer feel intimidated by the idea of creating a gourmet meal for your friends or family. Cook like a pro making healthy gourmet meals with ease. Learn how to use healthy organic pre-made ingredients along with fresh produce to make dishes that will impress. Make dishes from India, Mexico, Italy and other exotic locations and, of course, Hawaii. You’ll also learn to plan and time meals and stock your pantry. Mostly you’ll have fun in the kitchen.

Healthy Haute Cuisine – Discover the Gourmet Chef Within

Madana Peatross

This class is for those who like to cook, entertain, and feel adventurous. Use fresh readily available ingredients to create culinary delights, from a European appetizer to an Indian entrée, and on to a Middle Eastern dish, finishing with a tropical dessert. You will also learn about presentation and plating, which any chef will tell you is critical to eye appeal. This class will include tips on entertaining; from a quiet dinner for two, to a large dinner party.

Make-Up-Less Makeovers

Kat James

Are you ready for an extreme makeover without extreme measures? Discover the three crucial elements missing from standard beauty and body approaches. Transform your shape and end your love-hate relationship with food without the standard suffering and sweat. Reverse wrinkles without acids and conquer stubborn skin issues without drugs. Discover a world of better products, information and resources to evolve your health and quality of life.

Lifestyle Upgrades

Kat James

Learn how to literally, and dramatically, transform your body and your looks from the inside out — without drugs, surgery or even sweat — through a de-programming and reprogramming of deceivingly powerful dawn-to-dusk routines. Reprogram dozens of autopilot routines into powerful “pro-beauty” rituals that will transform your reflection and your quality of life. Plan your own kitchen and bathroom cabinet makeovers during this session. Convert your body’s daily experience from anti-beauty assaults, to pro-beauty choices, that will collectively transform you on a cellular level, from the inside out.


Surfing the Chaos, How to Stay Sane in an Insane World

Sandra Be-Taylor

This seminar promises to delight, inspire, encourage and enhance fulfillment, and performance in all areas of life. You’ll be armed with life skills to enable you to access and integrate the following:

  • Keys to Better Judgment – Instinct, Intuition and Discernment

  • Process as Protocol – All Events as Simply Curriculum

  • Autonomy & Responsibility – Create Win/Win Relationships

  • Accelerated Techniques of Empowerment & Inner Peace


Metabolism Makeover

Krista Clarke

Do you believe that you have a slow metabolism and there is nothing you can do about it? How would you like to turn your body into a fat burning machine? Learn five proven methods to increase your metabolism at any age - naturally and without drugs or stimulants.


Fat That Doesn't Come Back

Robert Ferguson

Learn how to outwit temptation, conquer cravings and say goodbye to diets. You can achieve weight loss faster than ever; and literally have your cake, and eat it too! This seminar will inspire and motivate you.


Body Composition Consultations

Krista Clarke and Robert Ferguson

Did you know that muscle burns fat? Find out how much muscle and fat you have and how you can alter your body chemistry to release fat that doesn't come back. Author and Weight-Loss expert Krista Clarke is offering 20 minute one-on-one consultations.

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